Essential Kitchen Spices: Spice RackFor people who are starting to shift from the customary fast food to house cooking, it is normal for them to find that their cooking lacks a distinct flavor. It tastes bland and lacks that sumptuous feel in the mouth. It is also missing that fresh aromatic scent that is just too mouth-watering. Adding a few sprinkles of pepper and salt will no longer do its magic. We need a diverse collection of herbs and spices in our kitchen that will put life to our recipes. Here are some essential kitchen spices that should be present in your kitchen.


Top 10 Essential Kitchen Spices

Spices and herb can put life to our dishes. With a simple experimentation, we will be able to put the taste and the aroma of our food into a whole new level. We have created a rundown of 10 spices that is a must-have for every kitchen.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Cumin

1. Cumin

This spice can be used as a whole seed or ground. It incorporates an earthy flavor and warm quality which makes it a popular spice in Northern Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Middle East, Pakistan, and India. It is also traditional used in Xinjiang and Sichuan cooking in China. Choosing the whole seed produce a lasting aroma compared to the ground type. You can also boost their flavor by roasting the seed in the oven before putting them to your dish. It can be incorporated in different type of dished for various purposes such as adding flavor to a creamy dip, spice rub for a roasted chicken, rubbing into vegetables, soups, chili, stews and curries.

Essential Kitchen Spices: Cayenne Pepper

2. Cayenne Pepper

It is commonly dried and grounded that creates a certain kick for your dish. The spiciness that you can taste in this spice is due to the compound called capsaicin. This is one of the most essential kitchen spices for your hot sauce. It does not only tastes great, but it also offers a lot of health benefits such as its ability to detoxify our body. This is a popular spice for European dishes such as on salad, Shrimp gumbos, stews, soups and other sauces.

Essential Kitchen Spices: Red Pepper Flakes

3. Red Pepper Flakes

This type of spice is made using the various combinations of hot chili such as cayenne, bell, and ancho. They are typically associated with the Italian cuisine, but they are also used in Chinese, Caribbean and Cajun dishes. You need to pay a close attention to the amount of flakes that you add on your dish to avoid getting it too spicy.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Smoked Paprika

4. Smoked Paprika

It is also referred to as Pimenton which is made from smoked and grounded Pimiento, a popular spice in the European cuisine. It comes in various level of flavor; the dulce will taste very mild and sweet, agridulce will be a bit spicy and bitter, and the picante will taste hot. It is one of the essential kitchen spices in Europe which gives the earthy flavor to their vegetables, fishes, and meats.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Coriander Seeds

5. Coriander Seeds

Coriander is known locally as Cilantro. Its seeds produced a slight spicy citrus flavor when you crushed it. Unfortunately, it has the tendency to lose its taste quickly, so it is recommended to use a fresh coriander. Similar with Cumin, you can also roast it in the oven to enhance its aroma and flavor.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Cloves

6. Cloves

Cloves provide an amazing aroma that comes from the dried flower bud of the evergreen tree. They can be used as whole or ground. Vietnamese, Mexican and Indian use cloves to add taste and aroma to their savory food.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Cinnamon

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is derived from the bark of the tree in the family of Cinnamomun; there are at least 100 types of these spices which makes it suitable for different cooking. For instance, Middle East has been using it for their lamb and chicken dishes. The aroma of this spice is also believed to have the capacity to increase the brain activity.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Nutmeg

8. Nutmeg

The nutmeg is the seed that is obtained from the tree of nutmeg which basically produce two different spices; mace and nutmeg. It is added to add certain spiciness to savory food such as the Middle East and Indian recipe. Just like the other seed, it is best used when it is ground fresh.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Ginger

9. Ginger

Ginger is a favorite spice in the Asian Region. It creates an earthy, ground and citrus flavor to the dish. Ground ginger is customarily used but you can also used fresh ginger as an alternative in a 6:1 ratio.

Essential Kitchen Spices : Cardamom

10. Cardamom

This essential kitchen spices comes in two varieties; the black and green. Both of them have a floral aroma, but the black cardamom has a cool taste similar to a mint. It is used in Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern cuisine.

These are our top 10 essential kitchen spices that should be in everyone’s kitchen.

What about you?  What are the types of spices and herbs that are always present in your kitchen?  Share them with us.