Admit it. Blending foods can be a hassle since you need to prepare the tools and wash them before bringing it back to the box. If you want to make it accessible, the blender could take up space in the kitchen counter.  Enter the Cuisinart Smart Stick.

Thankfully, there is a product that gives you a hand in the kitchen sans the hassle.

Say hello to Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed Hand Blender and find out if this is worth every penny.

Knowing What You are Getting with Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed Hand Blender

They say never underestimate the smallest one in the group. After all, one may be small but could be terrible – and this product is the perfect example for that.

The Smart Stick hand blender from Cuisinart is packed with 200 watts motor handle that allows you to blend hot soups, crepe and pancake batter, salad dressings, and cold drinks among others. You can also combine dry ingredients using this product without getting your big hand mixer.

Aside from the convenience, the Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed hand blender also has a one-touch on and off button, comfortable handle, and ergonomically designed grip for better control and grip when in use. Cleaning is easy too, since the shaft and beaker are also dishwasher-safe and easy to detach from the body. Just don’t forget to clean the body with damp cloth or sponge to keep the tool clean at all times.

One of the common concerns about this smart stick is the two-speed feature. Some feel apprehension on it due to lack of flexibility. The truth is don’t underestimate the two-speed feature, because low and high speed could already help you in the blending process, depending on your needs.

Some users are not happy about the cord since it is only three meters long. Nonetheless, it still gets the job done, so no need for longer ones, unless you work in bigger spaces. Just make sure you have a socket near you when you use this product to make it more convenient for you.

Here comes the best part: this product is within your budget. It retails at $34.95 for the standalone product. Cuisinart offers the product in bundles too by throwing in chopper or potato masher, for an added price though, in case you want to get more value for your money.

The Not-So-Good Side

Generally, Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender is a good product. It may not provide you with the industrial blender features, but this could come in handy for light works and if you need a quick hand during food preparation.

There’s one issue: the plastic gear.

The hand blender works well and provides its services when needed. Nonetheless, the product would be even better and more functional if metal gears were used. You will be able to blend and mix more than just soups and pancake batter. You will be able to use it in other harder foods sans the hassle of preparing the conventional blender or grinder. Other than the gear, this hand blender from Cuisinart is a good buy.

Final Thoughts on the Product

Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed Hand Blender[/easyazon_link] offers comfort, durability, convenience, and functionality in a handy product – and that is a big plus. You can bring and use it anytime, anywhere, especially if you are going on a vacation or even camping trips. Cuisinart has been around for quite sometime and has long been providing the market with functional and affordable products and this hand blender is no exception.

Is it worth your time and money?

The answer is yes. There are still areas of improvement such as the plastic gear, but this hand blender is a good place to start, especially if you are still learning your way in the kitchen. Don’t expect state-of-the-art and heavy-duty features, but it will help you get the job done.

Think about this: there is a reason why Amazon even rated this product as number one product in the hand blenders category. Despite its size, it could provide assistance, thereby making meal preparation easier as well.

Go ahead and give it a try. If you are still not convinced, this one comes in five different colors too – white, red, brushed chrome, metallic red, and pink – to match your personality.