The kitchen is an important place of every single home. It’s where you are going to prepare every single meal. This is why it’s highly important that you take into account the kitchen essentials – tools that you are going to rely on almost every time you go ahead and cook something. This is also why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with 10 tools that every single kitchen must have. Without any further ado, let’s take a look.


1. A Zester

This tool is also commonly referred to as rasp, and it’s definitely going to be handy in a lot of different situations. From having to grate citrus peel to an entire nutmeg to adding parmesan to your ban of risotto – the applications are numerous.

2. Peeler for Vegetables

This is one of the workhorses of your kitchen. A lot of people would argue that you can peel things with a knife but let’s face it – this is always a burden. However, there is an easy and quick fix to it – the veggie peeler is here to help you out, and it’s going to do so conveniently. This is a true life saver, and it’s going to spare you quite a lot of time and effort.

3. Reamer for Citruses

Once you are through with zesting all of the fruits, you should consider throwing them in the reamer. The truth is that a smaller citrus juice machine is also going to be rather advantageous, but the reamer is going to provide you with far better results. You are going to be able to make the most juice out of the fruit.

4. Chef’s Knife as well as a Paring Knife

Almost everything that needs to be done in the kitchen could be easily accomplished with those two particular knifes. The chef’s one is going to allow you to cut proteins as well as greens particularly quick while the paring knife would allow you to be far more precise. However, upon purchasing them – make sure that you actually handle them in order to determine whether or not they are comfortable for usage.

5. Spoons and Measuring Cups

Of course, when talking about kitchen essentials, measuring cups as well as spoons are a must-have. The measuring cups are going to allow you to easily quantify your dishes and to make them just about perfect. Needless to say, spoons are amongst the things that a kitchen can’t do without.

6. Colander

Another kitchen essential is the colander as it’s capable for being used for more than us draining the pasta. You can one made out of metal in order to properly steam the vegetables or use it instead of a salad spinner. You are going to be very surprised to find out the regularity with which you would be spinning out for it.

7. Silicone-based Spatula

This one is a heatproof version of your rubber spatula which is going to be able to resist to the heat that your stove brings. It is perfect for scraping batter bowls, for cooking scrambled eggs and for many more applications. What is more, it’s not going to scratch the surface of your pots and of your pans.

8. A Whisk

Regardless of whether you bake often or not, a whisk is very crucial. It is going to help you turn batter for cake smoother, and it’s also capable of being used instead of an electronic mixer for dishes such as scrambled eggs. Of course, you would have to put in a bit more effort into using it, but some dishes simply do not allow the usage of an electronic mixer.

9. A Wooden Spoon

A good wooden spoon is particularly important for your kitchen. Even though you might believe that you don’t need one, it’s a solution which interacts way better than other metal solutions.

10. A Can Opener

When it comes to kitchen essentials, there’s nothing more basic yet more necessary than a simple and convenient can opener. Make sure that its mechanism works as intended and that it’s capable of doing its job quickly and conveniently.

These are the most important things that your kitchen won’t be able to do without. With this in mind, you must make sure that your kitchen is properly equipped and that it has absolutely everything that it needs for quick and convenient preparation of your meals. What is more, failing to obtain some of the aforementioned might actually render you unable to prepare some specific dishes. This is the main reason for which you might want to spend a few hours in the local store and get them or simply order them online.

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