KONA French Press Review

When it comes to fresh food and drinks, hygiene and taste both matter equally and one of the essential needs of man in this age is freshly brewed tea or coffee. The items that perform this task while maintaining both the above mentioned qualities are surely required known as the french presses and one of them is described here. We’re talking about the popular tea and espresso maker which is the product of Idylc homes and has been one of the best kitchen items of year 2016, the KONA French Press.

The online shopping sites, such as ‘Amazon’, have great reviews by the customers regarding KONA french press, in fact it is has been labelled as Amazon’s best selling french press. One of its top appreciators include baristas everywhere.

With a serving capacity of 34 oz or less,black shade and a carafe made from borosilicate glass, it is of appropriate size and is resistant to thermal shocks and other minor troubles such as breaking the glass and cracks etc. Its design is uncompromising when it comes to both looks and resistance of the material against everyday household or mishandling accidents.

KONA French Press Features

Some of its popular features according to Amazon are:

  • A pure extraction and brewing method for any loose tea or coffee’s essential oils for a rich gourmet taste if served hot or iced cold, both grain-less
  • Protective adjustable design and insulated outer shell not only easy to admire on the kitchen counter but also it is shatter proof and protects the glass pot from chips & cracks
  • Portable coffee & tea maker perfect for the office, travel, camping & gifts
  • Comfortable Handle, durable & sturdy design for a good grip while pouring
  • The dishwasher is easy to clean,safe & detachable stainless infuser filter system
  • It is environment and power friendly as it is quiet because it doesn’t need electricity to be operated and keeps the natural ingredients and flavor of your drink preserved
  • BPS / BPA-free lid where no plastic comes into contact with your beverage AKA no flavor sabotage

The Good

There are various sorts of customer reviews on different websites but most of them display the 5 star rating by up to 74% of the customers, the 4 star rating by up to 21% and the rest of the votes hardly go into the disappointed section leaving 3 or 2 star rating by up to 1% of the people.

The top customer reviews have usually shown the people satisfied and enlisting some other numerous and better ways to use KONA french press. These are mostly the verified purchasers so the product can be trustworthy and appealing for the coffee addicts around the world. Some basically praised its design, some praised its quality, ability and efficiency, while the majority appreciated everything that it offers and also recommended it to others. People have preferred it over the other french presses such as Sterlingpro and Bodum as it turned out to be more long lasting than other companies.

The Bad

The simple and manual product has a reasonable price and all it requires to work properly is a good water temperature along with finely ground coffee or tea leaves, but as nothing is perfect and has some undeniable flaws, so does this product. A lot of people pointed out things like its filter isn’t very fit and the effort to obtain the desired drink is a lot because of its stiff and rigid as-semblance, also complains like dripping and cracking while usage were pretty highlighted.

Surely theKONA French Press’s positive comments are the basis for judging but one should not ignore the negative ones for a better purchase.