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We designed this murky punch to look like a smoking swamp by propping it with a little dry ice and an ice block filled with smushed-up lettuces and stalks of mint. The punch itself is a potent combo of gin, Green Chartreuse (which gives it a slightly greenish hue and herbal flavor), fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and some sparkling apple cider.

What to buy: Dry ice is available at party stores, some grocery stores, and some gas stations. It’s fun, but remember to observe safety rules when using it:
• When transporting it, be sure it’s not in a tightly sealed container. We recommend using a Styrofoam cooler with a loose-fitting lid.
• Don’t store extra dry ice in your freezer; keep it outside in the Styrofoam cooler with the loose-fitting lid.
• Never handle it with your bare hands; use heavy gloves or kitchen tongs.
• When breaking it up, be sure to have on protective eyewear, long sleeves, and gloves, and do it outside.
• Never put it directly in your beverage or you risk swallowing it.
• We recommend only having it come in contact with plastic or metal because it can cause glass bowls to crack.
• Only use dry ice for effects in very well-ventilated areas and outdoors—dry ice turns into carbon dioxide vapor, so never use it in confined spaces.

For more on how to use dry ice safely, read up here.

Game plan: You can make the punch base 8 hours ahead of time and chill it, then add the sparkling cider and club soda when you’re ready to serve.

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