Rome impresses visitors and locals alike with some of the tastiest pizza in Italy and numerous places to find one. The typical pizza style found in Rome is Roman pizza, which has a crispy thin crust; however, Neapolitan pizza, with its thicker, doughy crust, is also available. Locals start off a meal at a pizzeria by ordering fritti, small fried treats that include items like rice balls, salt cod, and stuffed zucchini flowers. The meal is usually paired with a beer. The following pizzerias offer some of the best pizza in Rome.

Da Remo

A local favorite, Da Remo is nestled in the working class district and foodie hub of Testaccio. This popular pizzeria creates classic Roman style pizzas in a wood-burning oven. Plan your toppings ahead of time because, instead of a menu, your server will come to your table with a card so you can mark which pizza toppings you want as well as any additional items to complete your meal. Limit your topping choices because the thin and crispy pizzas are ideal with just a few ingredients; simple marinara and Margherita pizzas are wonderful. During the summer, you can enjoy outdoor seating, but be sure to arrive early or be prepared to wait because this pizzeria is often busy.

La Gatta Mangiona

Located in the Monteverde neighborhood, La Gatta Mangiona is away from the tourist area but still easy to find. Frequently visited by locals, this pizzeria has an authentic feel and offers tasty fritti, daily specials, and homemade desserts. No matter what kind of pizza you are in the mood for, from a traditional Margherita to a creative special featuring seasonal toppings, you are sure to discover something excellent. With 200 wines and 70 craft beers, you can find the perfect beverage pairing for your pizza.


As one of Rome’s most famous chefs, Gabriele Bonci has been referred to as the “Michelangelo of Pizza.” Pizzarium is his unassuming storefront found near the Vatican which serves pizza by the slice. Bonci makes his pizza with sourdough starter, organic flour, prolonged leavening, and inventive toppings. The specials change frequently and highlight fresh seasonal ingredients, including unusual options like melon, licorice, and raisins. For the less daring, the menu also includes consistent classics. Fresh bread is also available, crafted with the same yeast and flour that goes in the pizza dough. Remember to pair your pizza with a delicious craft beer.

Rome offers pizza lovers and foodies alike a delightful opportunity to enjoy a good meal. Try one, or all, of these pizzerias for a meal you are sure to remember full of cheesy pizza goodness.